Hi, I am Arnej.

I love to talk. A lot. In fact, I rarely shut up. I love good beer, chocolate, snowboarding, piloting and sailiing. When I am going crazy from life, I just say “F*ck it” and lay down on the floor of my room and listen to The Wall from Pink Floyd on LP. I own more than 15 pairs of oxford shoes. I do not own a university diploma, yet. My mum thinks I should get one. I love my job so much that it counters my hate for getting up early in the morning. I don’t like pineapples, soap operas, going to the doctor’s and instagram celebrities. When I am bored I read random wikipedia articles. And my superpower is that I can wiggle my ears, each independently. Oh yeah, and I am the owner of this awesome little wedding photography and videography studio called Šećerlama Weddings, but I would rather our work speak about us than me. Buuuut if you are really interested in who we are, jump to our About page and get all the dirty little secrets about us.