Stepping in front of a camera is a daring task for many people, myself included. I hate being photographed! Stepping in front of a camera of a complete stranger makes it just that much more awkward. So in order to overcome that I have come up with these frequently asked questions. I hope you will find out as much as possible about us, and the way we work through reading this part. And I hope to make the challenge of hiring a photographer online just a bit less stressful. If you have any additional questions, I would be more than happy to answer. 


How do you work?

If you are reading this, you have probably already liked our work. And I am humbled by your decision to contact us. Regardless of booking us it’s a great compliment to my teams’ and my work. If you want to know just how do we manage to get those photos and videos made that way? We love what we do. It’s a cliche answer, but an honest one. And honesty is at the core of our work. We want to capture your honest emotions and the only way we think that is possible is by being honest ourselves. From your first contact to the next time we visit your city and call you for a coffee. In order to get to know you we will let you get to know us, and we are just a group of guys devoted to their work, always looking to go that extra mile in getting the perfect shot. We like being unobtrusive at your wedding in order to get those perfect shots. We try to blend in, and see the moments as they happen.


It’s as simple as it gets. You contact us, if the date is free, you send me the details for the contract, and upon signing the contract you are one step closer to booking us, or one step away from booking us. Which basicly means there are only two steps. The second being the booking fee amounting to 500€. Which you can pay via IBAN transfer or in cash. Upon completing the two steps listed above you secure your date, and nobody else can book us for that date. The booking fee is of course deducted from the final amount. In cases of inquries for the same date, which happens from time to time. The date is secured by the first booking fee received.


Worry not! We love traveling. And we do quite a lot of weddings abroad. And enjoy the opportunities to visit new cities, see new cultures, and to work all around the world. Basicaly we are available anywhere you want us to come.
Ofcourse you would need to cover our travel expenses and accomodation, but we have already become very good at finding cheap airline tickets, travelineg by car where possible, and finding cheap accommodation, mostly on airbnb. So pretty much you can leave that to us, or if you wish you can buy the tickets for us and find accomodation.


We work round the clock to deliver your materials as soon as possible. You can usually expect to see all your materials within 30 days of the wedding day, and 60 working days at most. At the peak of the season we travel a lot and just getting around to editing everything can be a challenge. But we understand your impatience and do our best to deliver everything as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.
Since you are selecting the photos for your wedding book the delivery for all physical materials is 40 working days from the moment you select the photos for your wedding book.
Upon delivery of all materials you are responsible for safekeeping so I suggest you back it up.


Everything is shot on two cards simultaneously, and backed up on two separate physical locations. We have a back up of every piece of equipment with us so anything failing on us won’t be noticed by you. All materials are delivered via cloud and stored there indefinitely. We do everything in our power to keep your memories safe.


ou found us through our work, and the only way of us promoting ourselves is by posting our work online. It is an important part of developing our
business and reaching potential clients. We might post the short videos, and couple of photos on social media, as well as a blog story on our website. If you are worried about your privacy or dont wish to have your photos posted anywhere you pay an additional 30% to the price of the package.


For your wedding the whole team comes wearing uniform
3 piece suits with bowties. Although we sometimes get mistaken for waiters it helps us work, allowing us to blend in with your wedding guests. Also it helps us with editing your materials, because we work with crews from 3 to 6 people it is inevitable that at times we will have one another in the shot. It just looks a lot better having someone in a suit going through a shot, than someone in baggy pants and a t-shirt.


We do our best not to get sick, if it does happen I will send you a list of available colleagues for you to choose. In any case any change to the roster has to be approved by you.


We love to cover the whole day. Catch those nervous getting ready moments, the tears during the ceremony, the photoshoot, the party, and everything in between. That is why our packages start at 10 hours which is usually enough to cover the most interesting moments in the majority of weddings.
We believe that 15 hours is the limit of human endurance and never work beyond that.
When all the official parts of the wedding have passed, and me and my team agreee that we have enough materials I come by your table and ask if you need us any more, and if we can leave. We never leave without asking.


We don’t limit the number of photos we deliver. Every photo we find worthy will be edited and delivered. It usually comes down to anywhere between 500 and 1500 photos. My goal is to provide you with a fantastic set of images, and not make you go through 100 bad photos to reach one good. We edit out the misfires, blurry photos, bad lighting and bad expressions and leave all the good ones.


We don’t want to keep you away from your guests for too long, that is why we have managed to perfect a way of syncing photo and video crews and working in the shortest amount of time possible. We work quick and usually require an hour of your time for the shoot. Largely depending on the locations you choose. We believe the key to getting good photos is shooting at sunset or the so called golden hour, which is defined as one hour before the sun sets. We know that is not always possible, and we will try to get the best out of every situation. I always say, we are ready to jump into the water to make photos of you if you are ready to jump with us. Getting good wedding photos is a team effort, and as much as we give in you need to give in as well.
We try always scout the locations of the shoot beforehand and find the best spots so we can work quick when we get there on the wedding day. We can do a shoot on a different day, but I think it is important to catch at least a quick shoot on the day of the wedding with those emotions.


Going in line with the honesty we don’t overedit the photos. You have already seen our work and seen that its all about the subtle tones. We don’t do retouching on the photos because we believe in 15 years time you will want to see yourself as you were on your wedding day, not how we retouched you. Our edit is an integral part of our work and we do not edit the photos any different way or make edits based on examples.
We edit videos with a feeling, and putting all what we see as worthy of your wedding film. We cut the video, do the sound and finally the color creating a coherent and meaningful piece of visual art. You can send us your inputs beforehand but we retain complete artistic freedom in editing the video. Upon receiving the completed videos if you find a need for any kind of corrections, we allow one set of corrections with every following that being charged.


I would love to meet you in person or over skype. We travel a lot and we might be coming to your city before your wedding so we could grab a beer or a coffee. If that is not possible we can always skype and you can ask me all you want to know.

Ready to Begin?